Service Fee

The long-term growth of Bella Protocol and the value propositions of BEL tokens depends on a sustainable and revenue-generating business model. For us, the goal is to build a leading asset manager that combines good DeFi and CeFi to generate high risk-adjusted returns that are customizable for retail and institutional DeFi users.

Like a hedge fund, Flex Savings will charge a small management fee upon fund withdrawal (converting bToken back to the native token) and a percentage of the native interest as a performance fee. Part of the fees is distributable to BEL stakers (coming soon), while some go to the team for the risk reserve fund and to use in product development.

Below is a preliminary fee structure for Bella Flex Savings. Please note that these are subject to change through community governance.

  • A management fee of 0.25% on the bToken withdrawal amount

  • 20% of the Flex Savings lending yields on and other protocols will go to Core Team as a risk reserve fund and development fund

  • 4% of the Flex Savings yields will be allocated to BEL stakers in the form of our native token (coming soon)

  • 4% of the Flex Savings yields will be converted to BEL and then be sent to the 0x0000 address permanently.

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