Service Fee & Token Burn

The long-term growth of Bella Protocol and the value propositions of BEL tokens depends on a sustainable and revenue-generating business model. For us, the goal is to build a leading asset manager that combines the best of DeFi and CeFi to generate high risk-adjusted returns that are customizable for retail and institutional investors.
Like a hedge fund, Flex Savings will charge a small management fee upon fund withdrawal (converting bToken back to the native token) and a percentage of the native interest as a performance fee. Part of the fees will market buy BEL tokens on Uniswap, among which 50% is going to be BURNT, and 50% is distributable to BEL stakers (coming soon). The other part goes to the team for the risk reserve fund and to use in product development.
Below is a preliminary fee structure for Bella Flex Savings. Please note that these are subject to change through community governance.
  • A management fee of 0.25% on the bToken withdrawal amount
  • 20% of the Flex Savings interest income will go to Core Team as a risk reserve fund and development fund
  • 4% of the Flex Savings interest income will be used to market-buy BEL, which will be then allocated to BEL stakers (coming soon)
  • 4% of the Flex Savings interest income will be used to market-buy BEL. These BEL will then be sent to the 0x0000 address and permanently burnt.