Gas Fee Saver

Gas fees are sky-rocket expensive these days as the Ethereum ecosystem flourishes. It can cost as high as $500 USD in gas to deposit, claim the reward, and withdraw from protocols such as Curve.fi. With Flex Savings v2, users can expect to save up to 90% of the gas expense thanks to our built-in yield aggregation mechanisms.

Auto Reinvest & Compounded Return

All your returns will be automatically reinvested into underlying protocols to compound your returns! The v2 smart contracts will take care of this step regularly to balance the transaction cost and revenue, so users can earn yield that exceeds the expectations.

Higher Return for Staking Vesting Period

In encouragement, the longer vesting period that you choose to stake, the more return Flex Savings v2 will generate for your portfolio. This is our gift for your trust in Bella Protocol. So to ensure you maximize returns, staking longer vesting periods accordingly will be a way to build up your portfolio.

Low Management Fee

Our management fees are lower than the industry average. The management fee is a flat 0.25% for the Bella Protocol smart-mining Flex Savings v2 product (only charged at withdrawal).

Reward Booster

At the time of staking, users can choose to postpone BEL reward distribution to a later date for a boosted return.

A reward multiplier of 1.15x/1.3x/1.6x will be applied to the BEL reward earned for 7/15/30 day- delay for distribution. In other words, users will have the option to delay when they can receive the BEL reward in exchange for a higher return, up to 60% more.

Three buttons will be displayed on the reward claim page: BEL Earned, BEL Collectable, and BEL Vesting.

BEL Earned = Total BEL token reward, includes instantly claimable BEL and BEL rewards for delayed distribution. Please note that the rewards will only start to count for delayed days when users click on the “Claim” button.

BEL Collectable = Sum of BEL rewards that have passed the delayed period. Users can immediately receive these BEL rewards by clicking the “Collect” button.

BEL Vesting = Sum of BEL rewards that are claimed and are in the delayed distribution process.

Yield Farming Incentives Program

We have allocated 500,000 BEL to bootstrap the initial liquidity and jump-start the Flex Savings product. These tokens will be distributed to users who stake bTokens with Bella Farm.

The interest-bearing bToken represents the ownership of the native token. By staking your crypto assets into Bella Flex Savings v2, you will get bToken in return. The more you stake, the more bTokens you will get. However, please note that the amount of bToken issued will not be 1:1 to the dollar value of the token staked. We expect the all-in APY (native APY + APY with BEL incentives) to be much higher than the current industry standard. Read more about it here.

Total reward:

500,000 BEL (worth over $1,300,000 as of Feb 8, 2021)

The total reward for the first week will be 100,000 BEL, rewards for the second week and onwards will decrease by 15% every week. Subsequent adjustments may be made according to the market condition and TVL.

Estimated Duration:

8 weeks. From February 8th, 2021 at 8 PM (UTC+8) to April 4th, 2021 at 8 pm (UTC+8)

Supported Pool:

The first batch of pools including bUSDT, bUSDC, bARPA, bWBTC. More will be added depending on the market condition and voices from the community.

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