Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Is there a wallet address of burned tokens?

Everything happens on-chain via smart contract, token burn will happen when we do Step 2. We convert 4% of CRV token into BEL instead of USDC and send directly to 0x0000000 address.

Is there any way I can reduce my ETH fees for each transaction?

Nah, not really, actually it’s cheaper to use Flex Savings v.s. save in Curve, Compound, or other protocols.

Does the 145% APY assume you are farming for 30 days locked in? i.e., you are getting the 1.6x multiplier

It’s the average - for example, if userA staked 10k with 30day, and userB staked 20k with instant. Then weighted average = (10k x 1.6 + 20k x 1) / (10k + 20k) = 1.2. 145% is calculated based on with 1.2 average. So if you chose 30day, then the actual APY will be higher than 145%.

About the reward multiplier, for example, if you select 30 days, is the number of BEL displayed after you click claim multiplied by 1.6 times?

Not necessarily, the calculation will be relatively complex. For example, if user A deposits $1 million and chooses the 30-day delay time with 1.6x reward multiplier, and user B deposits $2 million and chooses instant with1x reward multiplier.

If the reward is $1 million per year, the displayed APY is 100 / (100 x 1.6 + 200 x 1) = 28%, and the actual interest for user A is 100 x (160/360) = 444,000 USD, 44% APY, while the actual interest for user B is 555,000 USD, 27.75% APY.

I staked 2 sets of bUSDC with different vesting period into the farm. How do I unstake the 1st transaction without unstaking the 2nd?

Choose the correct vesting period and you can see balance, then click "Unstake" - choose period - see your balance of bToken.

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